What Makes a Great Photo?

Taking an eye-catching photo is easier than you think.
The settings you use play a big factor in how your photo will turn out. There are many factors involved in creating a beautiful image but once you understand how they work together and put these tips into practice, you'll have no trouble creating gorgeous pictures. Here are the ones covered in this course.
-Understanding the exposure triangle and how the settings on your camera work together to create a perfectly exposed image.
-Knowing how to use your light source to properly light your image and how white balance can help
-Placing your subject in the frame to create an interesting photo and how different viewpoints can create a whole different feel to a photo

Photography is a great way to preserve memories and family history. It captures moments in time that may otherwise be forgotten. There is beauty in everyday moments and endless opportunities to create eye-catching images. My hope is that this course helps you to capture picture-perfect images that will be treasured for generations to come.


What Makes A Great Photo?